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Beginner’s Guide to Islamic Creed – Translation of Kitab al-Aqa’id

Prospects for Recovery – Translation of Alahazrat’s Tadbir e Falah

Aqidat al-Awam – Translation of a Classical Text on Islamic Beliefs

Bad’ al-Amali – Translation of a Classical Text on Islamic Aqidah

Loving RasulAllah ﷺ‎

The Noble BequestsTranslation of Alahazrat’s Al-Wasaya

Tadhkirah Ibn Mulaqqin

Who is Alahazrat

The Sanad of Alahazrat Explained (Companion Guide to the Infographic)

The Killer Mistake

Salam of Alahazrat (Urdu Text and Transliteration Only)
This is the transliteration of the famous Salam of Alahazrat.

The Light of Sight – A Brief Biography of the Prophet

The Preamble to Faith / Tamhid e Iman of Alahazrat in English Translation

Sublime Aspirations – Translation of Husn al-Maqsid of Jalaluddin Suyuti on the permissibility of celebrating Mawlid:

Minhaji Fata Morgana – Examining and refuting Prof. Tahir’s embellished narration of the Najran Delegation:

The Truth About a Lie – That Falsehood is Impossible in Divine Speech
This was our first release. Thereafter our production quality has improved considerably. This book is currently undergoing revision with some new material. Please check after some time for a newer version.


Our Master – Seerah Infographic

Qur’an Infographic

Alahazrat Infographic – Second Edition – 100th Anniversary

Condensed Timeline of the Sunni-Deobandi Conflict

Sanad of Alahazrat in Fiqh

Alahazrat Infographic [First Edition – corrected and updated, October 2018]

Fatawa Ridawiyyah Infographic

Preface of Fatawa Ridawiyyah Infographic

Quick Reference

50 Essential Beliefs`

Tadhkirah (Ibn Mulaqqin on Principles of hadith

Manzumah Bad’ al-Amali: Arabic Text of Bad’ al-Amali of Imam Ali al-Uushi

Translation of Bad’ al-Amali.

Monographs in Fatawa Ridawiyyah by Volume