The Light of Sight

Uyun al-Athar is a comprehensive biography of the Prophet ﷺ that was compiled by Imam Ibn Sayyid al-Nas; a copious and ample resource for seekers of this knowledge. After its completion, he felt that an abridged version would facilitate quick reference, and would be easy to read and to carry. It is a book meant to impart knowledge to the beginner and to serve as a review for the master. He summarised the larger book and called the concise version: Nur al-Uyun: The Light of Sight – A Concise Biography of the Trustworthy, the Divinely Protected.

This is an English translation of Nur al-Uyun.

About the Author

Ibn Sayyid al-Naas is a famous hadith master and historian of the 8th century.

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