Bad’il Amali

Bad’ al-Amali is a didactic ode written by Imam Sirajuddin Ali al-Ushi (d.575 AH), primarily for beginners and students of theology. It outlines the creed of Ahlu’s Sunnah wa’l Jama’ah in a poem that is succint, comprehensive and surprisingly easy to memorise. Many commentaries have been written on this famous poem, which is a sign of acceptance in scholarly circles, among which the one by Mulla Ali al-Qari and Ibn Jama’ah are most well-known.

In this day and age when corruption is rampant and strife is rife, and muslim laymen, for the most part, are unaware of the correct beliefs of Islam regarding Allah and His Messengers, it is incumbent to understand important articles of faith as described in this book.

This current translation of the ode in plain and simple English, accompanied with copious footnotes to explain the verses, should help even those readers who lack any exposure or formal introduction to traditional islamic sciences, easily understand and absorb subtle and sometimes complex tenets central to the Islamic faith.