The Fatwa of Wuqu’ by Rashid Gangohi

This is the fatwa in which Rashid Gangohi did a major error and never recanted. The question was about a person who claimed that Allah ta’ala has in actuality lied. (al-iyadhu billah). Gangohi did not deem such a person as kafir, which by implication means that he considered the actual occurrence (wuqu’u) of kadhib in the speech of Allah as possible.

Ulama refuted Gangohi but he kept silent – neither issuing a clarification, nor refuting the accusation. Many years later, Deobandis accused Sunnis of fabricating this and claiming that it was a forgery.

Alhamdulillah, with modern tools we have demonstrated that the fatwa is indeed in Gangohi’s own hand. See the analysis in our translation of Tamhid e Eeman, titled The Preamble to Faith.