The Glorious Qur’an – Infographic

Jumada al-Ula 1439

A beautiful and quick reference infogrpahic on the Glorious Qur’an for kids and adults alike, which will help one know and learn some of the wonderful aspects of the Holy Qur’an.

A one glance view of the Surahs and their length, number of verses, words, alphabets, place of revelation, the occurrence of the aayahs of sujud, the names of Prophets alayhimu’s salam, Men, Women, Tribes, Nations, Creatures and many more interesting elements are compiled here. A short summary of the period of reelation and compilation of the kitab and the names of the Qur’an as mentioned in the Qur’an and many other pithy notes make up this brilliant infographic, all sourced from works on the Qur’an by akabir scholars of the ummah.

May Allah ta’ala enable and increase us in the love of His revealed book of Guidance for the sake of His beloved Habib SallAllahu alayhi wa sallam. Aameen.



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