Please download the following PDF files are for printing. The cover is removed, and the number of pages in the book are adjusted to a multiple of 8.

Bad’ al-Amali – English translation of a Classical Text on Islamic Creed

The Light of Sight – A Brief Biography of the Prophet

Loving RasulAllah ﷺ‎

The Preamble to Faith / Tamhid e Iman of Alahazrat in English Translation

The Noble Bequests

Who is Alahazrat

Minhaji Fata Morgana

Sublime Aspirations – Translation of Husn al-Maqsid of Jalaluddin Suyuti on the permissibility of celebrating Mawlid:

Tadhkirah Ibn Mulaqqin

The Killer Mistake

Salam of Alahazrat (Urdu Text and Transliteration Only)
This is the transliteration of the famous Salam of Alahazrat.

The Truth About a Lie